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Don’t just detect leaks. Stop them instantly. leakSMART® stops water damage before it starts. The system detects water leaks throughout your home, shuts off the water at the first sign of a leak, alerts you with both audible and visible alarms and sends you an app notification on your smart device — all in less than 5 seconds. Turn yourself into one of the water leak experts with leakSMART. Plus, leakSMART® lets you turn your water off from anywhere, 24/7, so you’ll always know that your home and belongings are protected from water damage caused by leaks. Full Home Water Leak Detection System Did you know that you’re 3.5 times more likely to experience water damage than theft in your home? And water leaks can cause more damage than burglars can. Just imagine a home security system that would not only let you know when there is an intruder, but could also stop that intruder in their tracks — that’s how leakSMART® works when water threatens your home. leakSMART® is the leading home water leak detection system that not only detects leaks, but also automatically shuts off the water as soon as a leak is detected. Now, that’s complete peace of mind.

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