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WhisperGreen Select™ Pick-A-Flow™ Speed Selector 110&#44;130 or 150 CFM fan with DC Motor&#44;<0.3 sone&#44;Select up to 3 Plug &#39;N Play™ modules. Flex-Z Fast™ installation bracket&#44;6&quot; duct adaptor<br>You have complete control over this customizable IAQ solution <br.>WhisperGreen Select™ just jumped ahead of the pack in ventilation solutions. Our best fan now delivers an array of solutions for almost any application. Customizable all-in-one fan and fan-light combinations give you more than [250] possible configurations: through multiple flow rates&#44;optional Plug &#39;N Play™ modules&#44;and installation flexibility. WhisperGreen Select™ is your total solution for indoor air quality&#44;code compliance&#44;green certification&#44;and healthy indoor environments.<br>Choose the amount of airflow with the flip of a switch<br>Pick-A-Flow™ speed selector allows you to select the proper CFM to ventilate whatever size room you need; you can select a lower or higher speed for special situations. This base-fan model covers a range from 50 CFM up to 110 CFM (50-80-110 CFM model)&#44;so ventilation for almost any size room is within reach.


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